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Director Kim "Kkimmestry" Hill of Avid Feature LLC teams up with Word Exhibit LLC's head executive Queena Bergen, to bring a unique experience to the Franklin High School graduating class of 2020.

With Prom cancelled and graduation on the line, senior students of Franklin High School were losing their school spirit. 

That's when FHS alumni Hill and Bergen decided that this graduation would be remembered for years to come. The concept was presented to the Franklin Administration and Board of Education who immediately green lighted the idea.


Coupled with original words from a few students, Bergen curated a poetry piece to reflect on this year's graduation in some of the most memorable FHS locations. Filmmed by Hill on a 360 degree camera, students were gifted headsets that allowed them to view the video as if they were standing in the spaces presented. Ending with a final speech from Principal Mr. Chmiel, the students could then turn and see images of their graduating class appear as fireworks went off and "Pomp And Circumstance" played.

The virtual experience was acknowledged by CBS as one of many unique graduating concepts. Both Hill and Bergen were presented a Certificate of Appreciation by Franklin's Administration and Board of Education for their hard work and community service.

View CBS Announcement here:

View Virtual Graduation here:

Franklin B.O.E. Meeting: Certificate of Appreciation
Left to Right: Michael Pinnix(FHS Video Aspects Administrator),Frank Chmiel(FHS Principal),Queena Bergen of Word Exhibit LLC, Kim Hill of Avid Feature LLC
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